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Vote for Mark Smith on 7th May 

Election Leaflet for Ampthill

My election leaflet for Ampthill is being delivered to every house in Ampthill, but you can also download a copy here:

Mark Smith Election Leaflet 2015 

 Mark Smith Election Leaflet 2015

Download: Election Leaflet for Ampthill 

What are the local issues?    

Having served on Ampthill Town Council since 1997 and as a lifelong resident of the town, I have a keen understanding of the issues that affect our fabulous community, namely: 

  • Parking - I am supportive of the Town Council's efforts to develop a parking strategy and it is indeed hoped that the new Church Street Car Park will be part of that solution
  • Over-Development of the Town - with recent permissions, development in the town has reached its limit in my view and I will fight any future development
  • Helping our Fellow Neighbours - Ampthill is a really go-ahead community with a wonderful community spirit, as witnessed by volunteers from the town year on year staging the fantastic Ampthill Festival and other community events. I've tried to play my small part in developing the Ampthill Good Neighbours scheme that has just celebrated its 9th anniversary of assisting residents in need. Plus, with others in the town I'm in the process of developing the Ampthill and Flitwick Timebank, which will benefit our communities
  • Speeding - there continue to be concerns about speeding in the town, especially with a 20mph speed limit in the town centre
  • Policing - with the closure of Ampthill Police Station there is concern over the level of policing in the town 
  • Healthcare - with the on going health review going on Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group need effective scrutiny over their proposal that will affect us all 

I have assisted residents with a variety of issues over the past four years and will endeavour to do so to the best of my ability over the next four years if re-elected. I will also work with the community and the local authorities to resolve the aforementioned issues.

Informing the Town


My Councillor Website provides residents with a wealth of information that includes details of: 

  • How I can help you as a Councillor
  • An A to Z of help available from local and national organisations
  • Funds available for residents in need
  • How to go about reporting a multitude of issues to the relevant Local Authorities 


My Website and associated Facebook (2000+ 'likes') and Twitter (1000+ 'followers') pages for Ampthill have been keeping residents up-to-date with the latest developments for many years


Developed on a voluntary basis to promote the town's shops and businesses on  behalf  of Ampthill Chamber of Trade

Ampthill App

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Ampthill Welcome Pack

A resource for new and old residents with a wealth of useful information. Download both the pack and app from www.ampthill.info 


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