Influencing Planning Issues



How Can I Influence Local Development?

Talk to Central Beds - - Consultation on future housing and business growth in the area. Be a part of shaping the areas future. You can download reports from recent consultations and take part in future consultations.

Where can I learn more about planning issues?

The Planning Portal - your one-stop-shop for planning and building services online -

How can I influence 'the powers that be' with regards planning & housing issues?

Central Beds Council Development Control

Ampthill Town Council Planning Committee

Planning Meetings are generally held at Ampthill Town Council on the third Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm, when enough planning applications warrant a meeting. Look out for notices posted in the Town Council notice boards. The Town Council make recommendations to Central BedsCouncil regarding planning applications connected with the town.

  • View Planning Applications - In addition you can view planning applications by visiting the offices of the council at 66 Dunstable Street. Contact Assistant Town Clerk, Donna Searle for more details on 01525 404355.
  • Communicate your views in person - Like Central Beds Council Council you can address the Planning Committee for up to 3 minutes, whether for or against a planning application. Contact Assistant Town Clerk, Donna Searle to register your intention to speak on 01525 404355.
  • Communicate your views via post or email - to Assistant Town Clerk, Donna Searle, Ampthill Town Council, 66 Dunstable Street, Ampthill, Beds, MK45 2JS at or to your local town councillors - visit the Town Council website at for their contact details.